jurassic park.

This morning my son was reading Jurassic Park and I was reminded of an incident.

This past summer I took a trip to the States for the first time in eight years. Within 10 miles of crossing the border we passed a white Lincoln with an Ayn Rand bumpersticker. An Ayn Rand bumpersticker, die a little death from that. Driving was an elderly white man.

I burst out laughing and when my son asked what was so funny, I said, ‘ I just saw a dinosaur!’

These were the heady days when we weren’t faced with the prospect of being dragged back to the 1950’s by our topknots. I have been in despair, waiting for the electoral college to work. And now that the last glimmer of sanity has left.

The States is a centerist country at it’s best. The Dems are middle of the road. I know that it is hard to see this through the knuckle dragging reptilian brained cable news blaring baloney 24 hours a day but a bit of perspective will tell you that. The States is also a country of change, it is built on change and like life, nothing is static. Nothing. Change is a reality and if you are not part of it, you are left behind. See: great swathes of the country. Trump’s table only has so many seats and he thinks it should be filled with a neo-Nazi, post industrialist greedy league of villians. I suspect he is channeling the Joker, it is outrageous.

That bit of hope that was snuffed out yesterday? Well, I can’t go on without it. So I remember what happens in Jurassic Park. Don’t be the dinosaur, be the mammal.

*I just have to use this space here to say that seeing Newt Gingrich making the rounds makes me seethe. The only context in which he has any relevance is in a documentary on jerks of the late 20th century. That guy does not need to belly up to the paid pundit bar, we need to reject him, AGAIN.


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