they work for you.

Regardless of party every person in Congress works for you and while big business continues to be subsidized by the government, they work for you. The Army Corp of Engineers, the police force and the military? They work for you. Never let them forget it and never, ever shut up.

I have spent the last weeks since the election pinballing through the five stages of grief and drafting up enhanced homeschooling plans. Our focus has always been a world view but now I will place more of an emphasis on teaching empathy as a personal form of resistance. It is always our backyard.

Teaching empathy cannot be a sledgehammer and is a long term commitment. For the foreseeable future I will be highlighting our journey here.

For our youngests it continues to bring them stories of the world, connecting with people through their culture and experiencing what we can, living here in near Toronto*. For the middle ages we bring in sage stories and donating our time. And for our eldest it is gradually bringing him in to the duality of news and the bewildering blind spots in our society.

I am working on specific posts for the age groups and will leave you with more grown up and older child suggestions.

Children of the Camps project, link to the documentary, education and workshop links

Souther Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch remember this not to accept this escalation as our new normal

My Civic Workout bi-weekly newsletter of three simple actions to take



*we are US citizens currently living in Canada. if you live abroad and are a US citizen you are still able to vote and you are required to file tax returns, which we do.




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