travel light.

Or rather, t.s.s.i.a.b.a.g throw some shit in a bag and go because this trip is going to be heavy.

I am preparing to take a roadtrip next week to two of the places I grew up. It’s been a long time since I have been back so making plans has been….difficult.

If you are interested I will be instagramming it and facilitating a stitch in if you are in the area, please come join us. no stitching experience required and i will be providing all the materials.

Extra added bonuses to the trip is timing. Last night I was wearing wool socks and next week there will be a 30c day in St Louis. Any extension of summer works for me. We are also getting the heck out of dodge the day before the next debate.

I am loading up on music and podcasts we can all almost agree on because 8 hours of audio books in a car with five children might make me gnaw through the seatbelt. Am I the only one that can’t take this anymore? So The Black Keys and Car Talk it is, my friends.

Anyway, wish me luck!



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