goings on.

Last week our septic system was sporadically on the fritz. Celebrate, I work. Be downtrodden, I’m backing up all over the place, use the woods. After much application of stirring sticks, hoses and snakes, we are all good. Five children and no toilet for a week adds one more line to the ‘why I don’t want to go camping’ manifesto.

Our homeschool year has wrapped up and though I hesitate to commit to this statement, I have done the bulk of our curriculum shopping for the fall. For grade eight we are trying out the Saxon Math algebra , Oak Meadow for english and civics and beginning to work with this book because if you aren’t looking at all the history, you aren’t looking at any of it. I would love to hear from anyone that has used any of these. Grades five and two I will be working with what we have. Grade five Waldorf pedagogy has an ancient mythology and botany focus with grade two being fables and animal tales. In grade two will be going heavy on the art and reading, refining what we covered in grade one. Both are really fun years. I also picked up Jamie from Simple Homeschool’s new book recommendations book as well.

A few weeks ago I went on a purging tirade, donating or trashing 90% of my wardrobe. Years of breastfeeding and pregnancy have not been kind to the closet and I have been sewing to replace what was lost. This, this, these , one of these so far (I really like this pattern) and I went on a pencil skirt spree this spring. If you follow me on Instagram it looks like all I am doing is sewing….and wearing earplugs.

Earplugs have been highly recommended to me as a stressbuster. They do leave you alone with your inner thoughts resembling a middle of the night insecurity drama festival now and then but on the whole, I give earplugs a thumbs up when you have beatboxers and small shouting children.

When the sinks were out of commission and dishes were piling I spent rare time finishing books I was reading. This, this and now this and this, depending of which room I am resting with a toddler in.

Husband and I watched this. I read the book and felt I had to keep filling in what was left out. I liked the look of the movie but, shrug, they took most of the meat out to keep the story moving. If you want to watch a great Highsmith adaptation, try The American Friend.   Now that we are downshifting toward summer I hope to have more time to watch movies instead of falling asleep before the sun sets.

That’s what is doing here, how about you?



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