Yesterday I sewed through my finger pad on my pointer finger with the sewing machine because I was distracted.

The toddler was waving a vacuum attachment near my head, another child was chatting to me and a few more arguing in the other room so there were extenuating circumstances. At the end of winter throughout the stop and start spring there is such a thing as too much together time. So maybe what I am feeling is a winter hangover.

This past week we had letters notarized for our eldest to travel alone and then the very same evening our second to eldest lost his last baby tooth. Children getting older coupled with planning a trip back to the States has me thinking of the past. So maybe it’s a nostalgia hangover?

And then of course it could be the lucky 13 upcoming anniversary of parenting and frankly said, getting inadequate and chopped up sleep. Do the edges of your vision ever get blurry or you stare at the wall until you notice your family waving their arms for attention? You too may be sleep deprived. So I guess you can say it’s a parenting hangover.

Last night I was at the thrift store, killing time and flipping through all the racks. My body seems to have figured out the shape it will be which is great but unfortunately most of my clothes from the past decade no longer fit. Imagine that. As I was misguidedly tossing shirts to try on in to my cart I had a moments reflection on the thrift store. What makes it great is you will see all types of clothes, even those you would never consider wearing which I like BUT there is no context. Without the screaming music  you may be compelled to purchase a totally inappropriate item not realizing until you get home that, no, cropped shirts are not for you anymore. What I could pull off at 25 is not the same as what I can pull off at 38 in my eyes at least. So maybe I am having an edging to my 40’s hangover?

Whatever type it is, with the dull thuddy sensation and sleepy behavior I do indeed have some sort of hangover. I’m going to pull a doctor mom, prescribe myself a few days up north with friends and let my children run a little wild and pull myself back together.




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