two brushes.

For the past few weeks I have been busy using my writing time to look up YouTube clips of Alain Delon brushing his hair with a psychopathic look in his eye from the movie Purple Noon. Through my extensive ‘research’ I have drawn the conclusion there is not a clip of the hair brushing scene and have taken the opportunity to slack and read trashy novels instead.

I seem to have misplaced my writing steam. I shook my fist at the sky, blaming the sun for forsaking us and therefore depriving me of my will but on closer examination, I’ve just been very, very unmotivated.

This winter was a doozy. Husband was laid off from his new job and then in a rush of excitement he started his own business. He’s great, we’re great, everything’s great but…..I could take a few months off to stare at the wall.

Homeschooling lessons are trundling along and we are participating in life in our general manner. It’s my stuff brushed aside while life finds it’s new true.

I miss writing. Spinning your wheels is never fun and a dull conversation so I try to not bring it up. The oncoming spring should lighten my mama-load and I am looking forward to it.

and if you haven’t read the entire patricia highsmith ripley series,

you are doing yourself a disservice. 


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