Says Clutterman to Cluttermama

We have five kids, there’s gonna be some mess.

Says Cluttermama to Clutterman

Or the floodgates have been left open 

To sluice in all the things no one else wants.

Really, it’s our own fault but a good clean out is pressing upon us. In with the red wing blackbirds, migrating out are the scuffed shoes, ripped jeans and holey sweaters.

I do my bit to keep us uncluttered, loving all the objects, decrying the unfunctionality of others. It’s just a constant North American tide of crap, hard to pinpoint where it all comes from. 

In bloggy housekeeping news….

I will not be changing the name of the blog, shrug. I like it and it was only an end of winter whim.


April is National Poetry Month!

My first year of blogging I did activities with my small folks, the next a poem a day. This year I will be writing a few posts a week in Edda form. For the past two years I have been working on something and I have lost my momentum these last months. I hope this will find me slipping back in to the mind frame of that project.

Happy Easter!


One thought on “uncluttered.

  1. Your blog title is ever-so-vaguely transgressive.

    Was just hearing last night about your exploits in the realm of zines!

    You’re a woman with a past, so to speak.

    Will stay tuned for some “Edda-fication”!

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