hippies with boundaries.

Between our children the word hippie is an insult.

A few years ago it was dirty diaper. Fair enough because both are apropos of our family culture at the time. While no one I know slots perfectly in to a category it would significant and a little silly for me to deny our hippie bent. We are pretty straight with deep seams of discontent and distinctly snotty about jam bands. But I do ‘listen’ to my food and when my children are ill, wrap silks around their pillows to benefit their energy.

Parenting is the learning curve that you are constantly tweaking and falling behind of. Your family culture remains static in places but then lives in between, the cracks of every day life . During the hard times it is good to have the boundaries to bounce off of, to have a rote no. We all benefit from knowing where we stand.

inspired by a texting conversation i had with a friend this week. 

and yes, we will be making tee shirts.


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