harnessing technology.

This morning I texted a friend wintering far away, dealt with homeschool workshop details, answered emails and made self-care plans for this evening. the hyphenated phenomena that is the word self-care still makes me cringe, but that’s what it is and maybe not cringing at it is the key to me getting time to myself. Last night I messaged with a friend I was reluctant to leave behind in Providence. We chatted about the battlefield of parenting. I joked through email with my soul friend from high school. We have seen one another two times in 20 years and I still took the time to tell her my son doubts my ability to identify handsome. mom, the guy from gorillaz is ugly. #internationallycertifiedhandsome, son. you must have blind trust in this.

My children do not have online access, no phones. Two have digital cameras and one an MP3 player. My head is not stuck so far in the sand to realize these days are fleeting and soon I too will be navigating online garbage with them. Tech, including the internet doesn’t have to be the evil we want it to be. A Neil Gaiman-esque nothingness waiting to swallow us in to nothing. We shy away from our own dark side made manifest for everyone to see.

inspired by a conversation with a friend this past weekend and these lyrics…

I can watch forever I can watch for hours

It just gets better it gives me power

Watch TV by Rasputina


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