wolf hall and sewing.

This past week I was watching the first episodes of Wolf Hall.

I tore through the book a few years ago and loved it. The tv adaptation is exquisitely dull. There is much in the way of shrugging the cloak up the shoulders  and back in to place. After I set aside the computer for the night I remembered a Giesswein boiled wool coat sized gigantic I picked up at the thrift store years ago for a pittance. It buttoned over babies in front carrier and came in ever so handy during long, dreary Canadian winters. The coat has been set aside this year because of unseasonably lovely winter months and I am tired of wearing the coat I have been in all these months.

I did a quick and dirty reno of the sleeves and waist shaping to make it wearable. It now look pre-tailor, post-Robin Hood hangin’ out in the woods kind of coat. I like it.

Wolf Hall on the whole would not inspire me to do much sewing. Not the way Outlander did. I do love watching favorite BBC actors turning up in everything the BBC produces. It’s a fun game. The guy from Monarch of the Glen, lady from Call the Midwife. It would be a great drinking game if I watched the shows with someone. Husband is not always interested and playing a BBC actor tv  drinking game is….sad and a little worrying, so I won’t!

Next month I will be stepping up my spring sewing game because I did a major ripped/stained/doesn’t fit anymore closet cull. I am thinking skirts, the many moods of skirts. My legs are weary of being encased in layers.

I like sewing patterns by Seamwork magazine, currently the only magazine I subscribe to. They are currently running a referral promotion, if you are so inclined and would like to purchase a copy along with two patterns from their pattern library ($3 us) I would get a pattern kickback. Here is the link.


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