As a teenager I loved reading about religions.

When I stumbled upon the idea of the collective unconscious somewhere in the stacks of the small  downtown library, I felt a wave of ease pass over me. It made me feel connected at a time of confusion.

I was reading a book about ideas the other week. 

Books teaching you to be creative are a bit…..much for me. I set it down after fifty pages and returned it to the library but not before it brought me back to the feelings of unoriginality that plague us all as adolescents. How you feel one step behind, cripplingly uncool, the misser of  the milk train. Never there before everyone else or possibly late enough because in fact culture like capitalism is circular. Whichever the case, I was neither.

It makes me think ideas are nascent. Just beginning to be. Shared by us all, carried to fruition by some but never altogether original. It takes the pressure off. 

inspired by the Morse novels by Colin Dexter

and lyrics by Rasputina 


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