february enhancement program, activity.

My  wings are moth eating, moldering at the back of the closet most days. But I do take the opportunity now and them to shake the stink off and give them an airing.

This past week I had an MRI. I talk a big talk but anything to do with the medical community sets me on edge. Add in to that the case of the inconveniently hurting jaw I am saddled with lately and it’s a recipe for a crap afternoon.

The Tech who did my intake and actual MRI was wonderful. Kind, sympathetic and patient. I could definitely take a page out of her book. 

Yesterday I wrote an email praising the service and care I was given by her at the clinic. In that industry as in most it I well noted when someone is given their just thanks and recognition for doing their jobs well. People take the time to complain, all the time. Then they ignore the good. It makes a difference to people with bosses to let it be known they are good at their jobs. I challenge everyone this month to either face to face, letter or email to praise someone to their boss.

In midwinter it is easy to refuse to step outside of ourselves, let our wings atrophy and hunker down for a good gripe but it gets neither us nor anyone else anywhere. Fly free.


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