media frivolity.

I have just returned from a trip to the library with eldest son.

He is lost to the family this evening in a puddle of comic books and I will wind down with a few goodies myself. I don’t write about it (ever) but I am a secret genre reader. Mysteries for the most part but since having children the gruesome, scary stuff is…..too gruesome and scary. So I turn to the fluffier stuff. Like my musical tastes my genre reading and watching is narrow but thankfully in a prolific vein. English, preferably historical with a dash of romance.

It is Sunday night and as we have neither cable nor an American IP address for those in the expat know know that means NO PBS Masterpiece. Boo hoo. My Sunday nights are still adrift. But as luck would have it I didn’t spend my entire teens and twenties sitting at home eating cookies and watching Masterpiece every Sunday night. A backlog exists!

I am currently watching Inspector Lewis. A reboot of Inspector Morse. You’ve read the books and then watched the John Thaw series, right? If not, you are very welcome.

When we lived in Providence my favorite librarian introduced me to Regency romance novels and in particular, Georgette Heyer. Chaste, mostly accurate with daring ‘do. I have read all the books our library system has so I am branching out. After reading Beyond Heaving Bosoms I decided what this Canadian winter needed was a trashy romance novel book club. Our first meeting is in early February and we are all reading a book by the author Julia Quinn. Today I also picked up an audio book of I Capture the Castle. I have read it a few times and wanted a book I could tune in and out of that would be appropriate to have on around the crew here. And it’s a coming of age romance about an eccentric family in 1920’s Britain. C’mon.

On the trip to the library we listened to Bowie at the Beeb. Apart from LP’s (did I mention I’m a snob?) it’s my favorite Bowie listen; sound of the room, so many handclaps and honky tonk piano. Like everyone else, Husband and I were just talking about Bowie. In the age of untalented people chasing stardom and making it tacky I will miss him. Here is my favorite Bowie gif from the week (found via the Two Bossy Dames newsletter, newsletter found via Pop Culture Happy Hour, both of which I love to whittle away the winter darkness with).

Any other closet genre readers and watchers?





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