year in books.

After a visit from the library my son loves to visit me at bedtime and in hushed tones try to get me to read this amazing book I just finished! .

I never do. There are too many books to read, I can’t start reading preteen dragon books! Really, I can’t. I just can’t, if I want to stay sentient.

Having a soft spot from British prewar and Victorian novels may also be turning my brain to mush. To very gently pull me from the past I am planning to intersperse Booker Prize winners and shortlisted from the past and present in to my reading list this year.

I started with Anita Brookner’s Hotel du Lac and enjoyed it.

It is not true that Satan makes work for idle hands to do; that is just what he doesn’t. Satan should be on hand with all manner of glittering distractions, false but irresistible promises, inducements to reprehensible behaviour. Instead of which one is simply offered the choice between overwork and half-hearted idleness. And that is scarcely a choice at all. One cannot even rely on Satan to fulfil  his obligations.


After Christmas I plan a visit to the library for a slew of holds but will begin the Scarlet Pimpernel, picked up on a whim last night.

linking up with Circle of Pine Trees, the year in books.




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