my planned parenthood.


Happy longest night!

I have just sent my quarterly constitutional newsletter out. If you would like to sign up to be sent four newsletters a year and perhaps an update now and then please do. If you do not want to sign up, the newsletters are public on my account.

Not in keeping with the season I have written about my experiences with Planned Parenthood. I also wanted to share a quote from an article from a town where I grew up in the Midwest where in the early 1980’s the director of a local abortion clinic and his wife were kidnapped and held prisoner for eight days. It sums up the pragmatic midwesterner fairly well and injects a voice of reason and humanity to a volatile subject.

In this depressed city of 34,000, values are conservative, people are outspoken, but law and order are revered. ”People here are quick to say what is on their minds about things they don’t like, but most don’t go for breaking the law,” Roland Boykins said as he filled his car tank at a downtown service station.


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