It looks like my life auditing system is upside down.

There is enough food globbed on the floor and walls to save me cooking dinner tonight and that light in the corner of the basement is still burning despite my best efforts to turn it off and keep it off.

I am sidetracked in midsentence and am in a constant state of visiting the grocery store.

With small children in tow around town efficiency must be scrapped. A rejiggering of common sense.

Instead of doing all my errands in one go I must mete it out over several days. Limiting the gimmes and time in the car for the smallest. A few trips to the library to pick up holds and for special trips just for him and I.

I see where time and gas could be saved but the price is too high.

Frustration can get the better of me and I try to push it too far like last night. I went Christmas present shopping after dinner. Experience told me to stay put the allure of Saturday morning not shopping was too much for me to ignore.

It is a series of checks and balances. The balancing weight shifting from one side of the scale to the other.


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