I am left handed.

Most days the balance of my brain strengths aren’t as obvious as others. Last week when all the children and I were sick we were at the doctor’s office. The doctor was quizzing me on which remedies we had, this or that, do you remember. The look on my face must have been, whaaa?. I hadn’t slept in days. He left the office and came back in. The packaging is all similar, white with purple lettering. It was the arrangement of the letters on the tube that I recognized. Bingo, we had both. Saved over $50 right there.

When my first son was born I was useless with my right hand. I had never exercised it. Even turning a key in a lock with my right hand made me dizzy. I imagine my right brain like a big muscle pushing around my left brain. Bully.

This week I am in the midst of several fiddley Christmas gift projects. My right as well as my left is essential for putting on teeny tiny buttons and cutting itty bitty button holes. This right hand is a dud though. I wish I could borrow someone elses left hand and right brain to live in fairy land forever.


in a very small way inspired by this quote…..

‘When the wise man is at home, he values his left hand,

but when using weapons, he values the right.

Weapons are a tool of misfortune, not tools of the wise.



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