make to donate.

These last weeks I have been documenting and chatting here about a project a few other families and ours have been working on, prep for a craft sale. The sale itself is was to benefit our friends church who are sponsoring a Syrian refuge family of four. Our table was to benefit the Neema Project who will make and donate cloth pad packets to schoolgirls local to Kitale, Kenya. today is giving tuesday! if you are searching for organizations to support, i suggest clicking over to check out a few of the videos. At our table were the beaming faces of our children selling items either they or their parents made and explaining what the money was going toward. I am learning along the way that some of parenting is getting out of the way. The children had a good portion of ownership in the day and it showed. I am extremely proud of them all. I also want to say thank you to them. Being a behind the scenes kind of person, running a table is not my strong suit. Myself, I prefer making the doodads to sell, setting up the booth and fussing with handouts.

The parents involved, including those running the sale, are dear friends to me. To them I say thank you for letting me be involved. Along with melting in to the wallpaper, I do not work well in groups. Thank you for putting up with me.

There are items still available if you are interested or feel so inclined to donate in person. Please get in touch. There are scarves, bracelets, raw edge cutting boards and a beautiful Waldorf doll. My friend, Rozanne, is donating 5% of all of her profits from her ongoing Book of Hours workshops to the Neema Project, specially earmarked for the cloth pads. If you are interested in holding a workshop with Rozanne, I urge you to get in touch. Later this month we are having a workshop in our home, the Book of Hours for boys.

Please check out my instagram for photos.


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