creatively congested.

Me, the last few months.

Without boxes to tick and deadlines to meet I have been swirling in the abyss of getting nothing done-ness.

In a last desperate attempt to pull my socks up before we have this winter break that I intended to use for good and not decades worth of PBS Mystery repeats I put a few books on hold at the library. i find the library inspiring

Last night while making dinner with a mass of children attached to my legs I flipped through Austin Kleon’s, Steal Like an Artist. I needed some bold type and straight talkin’ to pull me out of my funk.

I have been trying to keep a calendar for years. Years. All the failures are swirling before my eyes right now as I type. What a waste of energy. In his book Kleon suggests making both a log and daily to do box to check. That is what I need. Back when I had over a dozen pen pals I kept in contact with regularly I had a calendar for the purpose of keeping track of things with boxes to mark off and it is the only time in my life I remember having the vaguest notion of what day it was. Sad. People, I was 16 years old. I can mentally keep up with a to-do list but calendars? Scary.

I have been rambling on and on to family members near and far lately about hobbies and the fetish our culture has with making money from them. It steals the joy and spontaneity from them. Have hobbies! Don’t become a millionaire! Enjoy life! I was overjoyed to see number six on the list in Kleon’s book is that side projects and hobbies are important.

Anyway, I would imagine many other folks are finding the Advent season a time where they feel harried, less creative  with a little bit more time on their hands it’s true, you probably do and possibly feel similar to the way I have been about creative productivity. Kleon’s tumblr is interesting too.



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