it’s hard to keep a fire burning.

The last day of November is a down beat.

We have been buzzing like bees here. Yesterday was the craft sale at our friend’s church. They are raising money to support the Syrian refuge family they are welcoming to Canada in the coming weeks. Our table benefited the Neema Project. At current count we raised enough funds at the table to donate over 50 packets of cloth pads to school girls local to the project. I am delighted.

Last week was a whirlwind with extra activities and looking at a house we thought we would want to move to, we don’t American Thanksgiving and broken refrigerators.

This week is a wind up of lessons for two of the children before the winter holiday break and a wind down and finish up for another. I am the one most in need of the holiday break!

I have been living in a state of quiet writing frustration these past weeks. After writing myself in to a corner I changed course and today I will begin yet again. Oh, well.

This last week I filled in my  Social Security number where the phone number goes and nearly asked my friend if she needed to go to the bathroom when I was making a trip. Working with my mom reptilian brain, obviously. I think it’s time for a little break.

This space will be quiet till next Monday when I will be back full of enthusiasm!

Happy week…..



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