there is more than one way to clean a fridge.

The kitchen was quiet.

I cast a wary eye on silence not only in a home with five children but with the refrigerator it has been our pleasure to endue these last three plus years, I must glare suspiciously. The fridge likes to pretend it is both a very large freezer and a rock tumbler. All of our produce is frigid. The milk has chunks of ice floating in it and the pickles will give you a brain freeze. I’ve learned to accommodate its quirks. Hanging greens in cool places, taking the milk out early, what have you. And it is noisy. Very noisy.

Yesterday it tumbled its last. With annoyance I realized what was once frosted was soaking and soggy.

It is American Thanksgiving tomorrow and we are Americans. I was a good little girl and bought my turkey two days ago to defrost in the fridge. Along with extra butter and buttermilk for biscuits. i don’t hold with stuffing, it’s disgusting.

We checked to make sure it wasn’t unplugged. Things like that can  happen in a home such as ours. Why is an excellent question that I no longer ask. The answers will muddle and befuddle. I merely suggest taking care you redo what you have undone. But, it wasn’t unplugged. I know this because the cord sent out a delicious little spark when we pulled the sloppy hulk away from the wall.

In my fall newsletter I wrote about our washer and in a doved tale, a son of mine and I were just talking about the washer. That washer just two weeks ago blew its last fuse and was replaced by what I call The Right-Hander’s Washer, the lid opens to the left side. it’s annoying. My son was wondering if it was a good washer. I shrugged and told him, it’s a washer, that is the important thing. And it works. Maybe he said we could go shopping for a different one. We could but we would miss our weekly hike with friends. It’s all about perspective with the child crowd.

Getting back to the fridge. After pushing my palms in to my eye sockets for about five minutes, I regrouped. Then texted Husband, sent out several emails replying to ads for used washers and within an hour, a new fridge was located and the trusty pick up and three of our family were off to pick it up. I spent the next hour tossing out old jars of salsa and stuffing coolers.

Things like fridges breaking happen and when you clean up the mess and rid yourself of the ghost of condiments past something else will happen. Because that is what life it. One thing after another. It just matters how you deal with it.

So this year we are having Thanksgiving turkey dinner a day early, not that our children will notice. Husband and I will have a beer and talk like Americans for an hour or so before bed. Our children have forgotten about American Thanksgiving and that’s okay for now. What I do want them to be is resilient. To mop up the mess and move on.


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