make to donate.

I missed my post last week for make to donate because I was making!

Nearly there with the my items for our table at the upcoming craft fair. The indigo dyeing which was great fun allowed for 7 scarves, silk and a felted wool. I have made 5 hammered copper and hemp twine necklaces and feel like maybe that is the saturation point for those. I don’t want to overestimate the popularity of my simple aesthetic. Ha!

Friday night found me hiding out in the kitchen away from my small folk. Wringing my hands in prayer and crying from fear. A young family friend of ours was in Paris. she is fine and home The tragedy, sadness and helplessness were too much. I find solace in the whatever simple, small drop in the bucket I can do to help make things better. If we all added a drop, a bigger difference could be made.

Reading this and this.


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