a dying breed.

When I am in Costco I look in everyone’s carts because I’m nosy.

Everything in there is excessive. Five sticks of deodorant? How many armpits do we have?

I’m still a little embarrassed about being in there what with the 200 rolls of toilet paper and glazed over eyes and all. It seems like the last haunt of the American era Depression mentality.

Decluttering and simplifying are the words of our day. In part because my generation, the nearly 40’s  were raised on tales of the Depression and war shortages. It was our grandparents that had sacks of sugar squirreled away in dresser drawers and the highest reaches of the closet. It was our grandparents that bought extra ‘just in case’. Then it turned out we didn’t need to buy more because our society started making more of everything. We are having a hard time letting it go.

It is spilling out everywhere, we can’t contain it and now there is a backlash. Not that there shouldn’t be. So much that is manufactured could be made better or not at all.

There is the push and pull within me. Should I keep these ratty yoga pants? What about these broken down boots, maybe one more child could get a winter out of them?

I’m a relentless thing purger with a guilty conscience, a hangover from my grandparent’s youth.


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