on being present.

Every year it floors me.

We started lessons on Monday. On most peer homelearning family blogs there is much in the way of self-care talk. Because it is totally necessary.

It’s like a Jedi mind trick, holding the space for learning. Being patient. Sitting still and only thinking of what we are talking about.

I like to have conversations with a side of conversation, the unspoken one meandering through my brain. It is not possible when you are presenting lessons and having subsequent ‘considered conversations’ ( thank you, Donna of Christopherus for that most life saving of homelearning phrases ) . ┬áNot being fully present is a one way ticket to fall-apart land with a few stops along the way to getting-behind and day-getting-away-from-you villages.

Never do I more crave trashy television and garbage books to turn down my inside chatter. I will soon tire of the pablum, get a stomach ache from the saccharin and the pendulum will swing.

September makes me feel my limits.


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