the world exists with us not because of us.

I am invested in the notion that ‘busy’ is a mass social psychosis.

Even though I do still get wrapped up in how busy other people think I should be. Saying you have been ‘so busy’ is a great excuse for not calling/emailing/generally ignoring social responsibility. And who doesn’t love a good excuse?

This fall has been hand crafted by me. Low on the out of the house and big on the unexpected perks. Just the other day a few of the children ambled about the beach while two others took a paddle board class. Because our life can be like that, if I let it.

I did not sign the children up for regular extras knowing that we are good till Christmas. There is much hiking and cavorting outdoors to be done. Come February? No one will be more grateful than I for ferrying folks around to art classes.

I want to teach my children that they are part of the world, not the whole world because the last time I checked the world exists with us not because of us.


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