baby vs the buttons.

Earlier this week I posted a photo of my baby making a mess with buttons.

It’s the beginning of home learning lessons in my realm, meaning our home and the others I pay attention to. And with the beginning of lessons come the questions. I would say hands down the most frequently fielded question for me is ‘what do I do with the youngers’.

I’ll tell you what. I had some pretty great plans that I actually executed for a few years (we are entering our seventh year of homeschooling). Bread baking, sand play, cutting paper, games, etc, etc, etc. All of those activities you read about in books and on websites but these days it is different around here.

Those activities are more by the seat of my pants. I make sure we have resources on hand and rarely make plans for them. They are backfiring these days. The olders get interested and the youngers, disinterested. Not the idea, people.

My kitchen is a mess or ‘pit’ as Husband likes to call it. Rearranged daily by a 20 month old and four year old with definite ideas on where things should go. After years of mother and in law visits where I have had to re rearrange my kitchen after week stays I have grown accustomed to being the one that lives in the kitchen yet has no idea where things are, rifling through drawers with doughy hands on a daily basis. So let’s put rearranging the kitchen in the activity column.

Back to the buttons. I had purchased a jar of vintage buttons for  project I am working on. The enticement of arranging buttons by shape, color and array in to pig pictures drew them to the table. I took the opportunity to sit at the end of the action to peel apples. Raise your hand if most of your life is consumed with peeling apples this month. In a moment of quiet it all became too much, this pinterest moment sorting buttons. In exuberant delight the baby swiped at the table and listened to the deliciousness of them hitting the floor, walls and siblings.

Later as our four year old and I crawled under the table and in other rooms to retrieve the wayward buttons she rubbed my nose with hers and said Mama, this is so much fun.


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