Let’s be real.

At about day 80 I started feelin’ the burn on my self imposed 100 day project. Eighty is not too bad because I has estimated it would be day thirty.

Admittedly there were many short posts but I expected this of myself and therefore decline beration.

I am glad I did it and glad it’s now the wrap up post!

In the constant navel gazing introspecting of my blogging it is only fair to say that my blog related handwringing came and went again.

For clarification I will say this is the place for half truths, inflations and negations. It is for happiness and the doldrums. It is a place for my writing whatever that practice may be at the time. It also has a new theme, like it? I do. The simplicity had it waving it’s hands to me. I am toying with concocting a logo. Is that a good idea? Anyway! Onward and upward.

The exact hour I drafted my 100th post I went in and sat at my desk to continue work on a stagnating series of poems. I guess this 100 day project thing works.


I will be posting here on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule these next few months to keep up the practice and to jive with my new streak of realism ( we begin home lessons this month ) . I will also be bit by bit reorganizing my tab situation at the top. Got a little unwieldy, huh?  I will be including my favorites from the past. I would love to hear from anyone that has one they particularly like so I can add it. Contact me however you see fit. I like to be on Instagram these days as @viobrooke .




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