This past week I have be in the nitty gritty of homeschool lesson planning.
I am working with grades one, four, six and for the first year how my time is going to spool out. After planning blocks I work on a lesson supply list.

The children’s can all be hammered out by one thorough trip to the art store and meander at the local Waldorf bookstore. But mine is a little different….

Side of beef ( less shopping, more crock pot )

Jars of Ovaltine

Bi weekly library trip by myself


Not panicking and signing children up at the last minute for activities we are on the fence about

Sewing patterns

Being a homeschooling family has many dimensions and I find the most difficult one is relating how you hold the space for learning while still living your life and being a family. Sometimes I jokingly introduce myself to my husband. Hello, nice to meet you. I’m a person. A human that needs a little space. 
Sometimes it is just not being talked at for 1/2 a day or going to bed early but self care is important and it is just up to the person to decide on their self care and plan it in.


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