Today is our fourth child’s birthday, the one who is turning four and the one whose doll I keep going on about.
In the last two weeks she has mastered the art of riding her bicycle with no training wheels. It is always amazing to watch a child eyes wide with amazement balance and go. Cutting through gravity with their own force. It is a challenge for me to not run alongside her laughing and clapping. Okay, I did this a few times but it is all to the risk of throwing her off her game.
There are so many hard wire brain upgrades at this age aided by unimpeded play, days spent in the wind and chatting to oneself while looking at books. On the flip side there are so many more rote activities that now need a mama hand. Already mastered accomplishments that aren’t that much fun by herself anymore. Getting dressed, pouring glasses of milk from the pitcher, velcroing shoes.
The lid on my perpetual watched pot of impatience clatters but time has told me this is the ebb and flow. The sincerity of her requests relate that she needs me to do these activities with her. 
As much as she is growing away we are still a line of paper dolls, cut from the same, holding hands.
Happy birthday, my Rika.


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