I have been thinking about my annoyance.

In the first blush of spring I made promises. Carefree, kind promises. I was going to do it all this summer, with aplomb while I trailed tinkling jaunty laughter in my wake. Cut to these last few days in the hardening off of the season where I am annoyed with everyone but myself.

Everywhere I see blame to be directed. Insurance offices, other drivers, people I don’t even know. The worst is I am annoyed with my family. Deeply annoyed in the most selfish of ways.

Can’t they see, me me me! I’m struggling here! Why with the three meals? Why with the wanting from me? I have taken on too much and am blaming everyone but myself.

So here I am with the big, ugly mirror of the internet to admit it……it was too much. I messed up. 

I feel much better, thanks internet.

Now, I’m off to do all those things. Because they certainly won’t do it themselves. I know because I let them sit through the long hazy days and sweet nights this season. Tucked up in a corner where every so often I caught a whiff of responsibility and took to my heels and weeded the garden. Has there ever been a better excuse than the garden needs me? Nope. Aside from the baby needs me.


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