I have been thinking about summer.

Not that this is a wrap up of sorts. It ain’t over till it’s over, the first frost which turns the tomato stems slimy in the sun and shadows of the day. Just about how at around this time in years past I have been relieved summer would soon be winding down.

I think most homeschoolers look at summer a little differently. The first thought I have is, No more museums till September! My second is how am I going to keep these folks occupied?!?

This summer has had many lazy days that straggled in to weeks at home and never once did I think there wasn’t enough to do. We didn’t have lessons. I had some big *fun* multiplication table plans that never seemed to be needed to keep us occupied.

Sure, we had a summer camp, an away camp and a few days at a friend’s up north but no vacations or such. We just were. We were here. Hammering nails, pulling weeds, learning how to ride a bicycle, discovering the joy of comic books, having friends sleep over. It’s been great.

I could here stand up on my little soapbox and say it was me, darling that brought this change but it was them. I didn’t think it would happen but inch by inch, day by day they need me less. Or rather, in different ways.

We have had many late night talks that find and leave me exhausted. To be sure my soon to be four year old still likes to use me as a jungle gym but she can be cajoled in to a ripping game of house and can hold her own playing Snakes and Ladders. My baby now has laced shoes that are for running away from me in. This summer has been a freeze frame of what next summer won’t be.



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