In this life it is difficult to have the time for a good natter with good friends.

I do my best but there time gaps and drifts with those that are closest to me and vice versa. It’s just the way it is in life.

Having a blog can be tricky. We, myself included, think we can deduce the flow of someone’s day or feel their daily emotions with no lag.

When I was a teenager I had many pen pals that I still keep up with today, incidentally. I wrote letter after letter and read reams of daily occurrences from my paper friends with the understanding that what was written was a week or more in the past. We as a people don’t accept that anymore. When we read something online we assume it is of the timestamp.

As with most blogs I believe it is generally the case that thought or phrase rolls around for awhile during the day or night when we are folding clothes or rocking babies to sleep only see the light of a computer screen days or weeks from it’s inception.

Maybe the place for instantaneousness is social media or maybe that’s an id-like knee jerk reaction, I don’t really know. All this being said, my friends, this blog is an okay place to keep up with me.


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