I am struggling with doll making.

In snatched time during the day and late at night I am working away on a doll for my soon to be four year old daughter. She asked for a doll that looked like her and so I am trying to do that. But, I’m not very skilled at it. I have made four similar Waldorf style dolls in the past and so it is not a brand new to me technique. I could use practice and suppose I will get more in the rush of years to come.

Right now I lack the talent to capture her tolerant impishness and gleam of wonder. Or maybe it is unrealistic to expect me to steal what she is, mimicking it in fabric and embroidery floss. Fabricating what is her and presenting it as a finished product.


7 thoughts on “82.

  1. Congrats mama! I’m impressed. I can hear your need to capture and give your daughter what she wants and I identify myself in you as for mine’s birthdays I’m always striving to capture her essence in the theme. All the best and feel secure in the knowledge that what she will treasure is your effort and the doll you struggled just like her, just for her

    1. Thank you, I anticipated the struggle with this project. In fact I put it off for over a year! My elder daughter caught sight of the doll as I was trimming the hair and said she wants one too! I think this one I will make in the day. xx

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