The sun has risen and rain is falling in sheets.

My sense is this rain is just for me being a rarity that I am awake first. A restless babe needed more space and I needed a cup of tea. Before the chicks had their first peep and the layers had huddled at the coop door to be let out I was at it for the day. This week has been a whirlwind and my crumpled appearance and a freezer full of food is what I have to show for it.

Mentally I am keeping a tally of summer’s work yet to be finished while I arrange my thoughts to the sister’s birthdays next month. Little by little I am making dolls for them. In secret with bright lights for my tired eyes. There is something very alarming about pushing a long needle through the back of the doll heads to sew the eyes and mouths. I imagine them in the closet after I work on them saying, Thank God that is over! 

I am trying to show more patience for these small folk and even more for the older folk. And I find myself staring in to the distance like it is hovering out there, a cloud of mosquitos just waiting for me to walk through it. Stop and think, stop and think I keep telling myself.


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