76 and 1/2

My eldest son just left for summer camp.

He has been before and no doubt, he will go again. It’s the camp I have dreamt of him to go to and that he loves. He will be there for a week. As he and Husband pull out of the driveway, turn on to the road and my other children race down the hill waving and shouting as they do to all that leave here I wonder about being a securely attached parent. All through my baby having life I have had been concerned about having securely attached children and here I am, the only one crying.  I want them to kiss me, wrap their arms around my neck and have a great time, knowing home will be here for them, always. Confidently stepping away and joyfully returning. What I want is so hard to take sometimes.

rather than roam the house a wobegone misanthrope I thought to come here and type it out. yeah, it’s the second post of the day but hey! I make the rules!


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