69 and 1/2.

It is never a good idea to check Facebook right before bed.

There are no two dissimilar jobs than fast food worker and ambulance medic

Apples and oranges they be.

Just because insurance companies like to split the difference with

How they allow medics to be paid does not mean that the woman or man

Serving you a meal you have chosen does not deserve a living wage.

Sounds like a class tempest in a tea cup to keep your mind on something else.

Bring it up with the Bilderbergs if you have a problem with it.

Don’t blame someone you think you are better than.

i make a habit of never reading clickbait these days, this one being no different

but since todays scheduled post was about class i was thinking of this .

it is funny since i schedule posts you would think that i would be emotionally ahead of them 

but they act like a crystal ball to my future.


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