Book of Hours, mama’s edition.

I am pleased to let you know that a project my friend Rozanne and I have been working on is up and live today; The Book of Hours, mama’s edition. We are both homeschooling families that last year were working with medieval history with our grade six children and where inspired by the homemade books, prayer books people made for themselves to carry and  pass on. Rozanne began making one in her sketchbook and this project was born.

My eldest son illustrated two of the poems and my friend, Nicole, contributed that gorgeous photo alongside my poem, I have felt the warmth.

Here is the front cover (embroidery guts)


and here is the back (the front of the embroidery and weaving on paper, if you’re fancy)


Being a fusser and fiddler that loves working with my hands and making a mess on paper so this project was so much fun. Most of my teenage years were devoted to making handmade zines and writing reams and reams of decorated letters to pen pals, it’s my happy place. Creating my pieces for this project were like therapy and a vacation rolled in to one!

On Instagram I have try to follow artists and makers that inspire me and keep finding myself going back to the accounts of Liz Payne and Celia Pym.  The cover piece is inspired by both of their work  and my own of creating and mending, the full time mama job.

I love that while the internet can be a %$#$$%$ nuisance I am always trying to find balance with it can also be loads of fun.

Thanks Rozanne (psst, she’s at Simple Homeschool today too!)

Please take a look!




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