I try to keep my place in books I am reading with various markers; receipts, strips of toilet paper, rubber bands. But my very mobile baby makes a job of divesting me of my place in books. He even goes so far as to present the marker to me as a prize he has won. Why, thank you son, so helpful. As a last resort I fold down a corner of the page but I don’t like it. I feel like the naughty schoolgirl, like I am a disappointment to the librarians.  I was in the library recently without my brood and a librarian seated at the checkout shouted at me from across the room, ‘Where are your children?’ . We have only been going to this library for a few months but I know we stick out. For starters we are homeschoolers who go at odd hours,  there is me harried and trying to keep up with the four that are not strapped to my body, we take out gobs of books and have a frantic appearance when we get to the self check out. It never helps that the current toddler is  a fan of lying on the floor and shouting. All this to say I imagine they have a running tab of borrowers sins in a big beaurocratic ledger in the back room saying things like ‘this one eats pizza while reading’, ‘that one spills tea’ and of course ‘ yep, here’s another page turner’ with a click of the tongue.


One thought on “52.

  1. How frustrating that must be for you. I have had the same problems with my nephew, he doesn’t understand why it is in the book and thinks it doesn’t belong so he removes it and shows it to me thinking he has done the right thing. I would suggest cutting a corner from a used envelope (preferably white so it looks the same as the paper) and slipping that over the corner of your book’s page. This way it looks less out of place.
    As an added measure against little fingers you could start writing what page you are up to on the piece of envelope in pencil so that if it does get found, removed and presented you are also being presenting with the page number you were up to 🙂

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