Around 9:30 am this morning give or take a few minutes I will be 38 years old. 

I like being in my late thirties. They just seem…..easier.

I’m not as worried as I used to be.  Scratch that; I’m more selective about my worries.

I’m sleeping more, eating less candy and I can take an ego punch with a little more grace.

I’m going to wear a bikini this summer and throw out my old body issues.

I’m going to  not be so uptight and not look for trouble where it isn’t.

I’m not going to be steamrolled or chose my battles (too much).

I’m going to write whenever I want and stop prescribing times for this and that.

I’ll sing the sisters to sleep and stay up late talking with my eldest.

I’ll go do lunch with Husband and won’t fuss about who needs me.

I’ll order chicks instead of pullets.
It’s going to be a good year.
ps happy birth day, mom


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