I’m a hypocrite, a masquerading healthy eater that noshes donuts and candy bars whenever I get the chance. The secrets and lies, deception learned as a growing woman run deep. I like to think I don’t hide my junk food habit anymore because it does not behoove anyone, mostly my children. I am certain that they can see past my veil of lies, hear the rustle of candy wrappers deep in the night and I don’t want to teach them to sneak food. I don’t want them to ‘be bad’ and ‘cheat’. We are humans, eating is a necessity. Why complicate matters. I am looking to balance our diet of food with our diet of living.


5 thoughts on “29.

  1. A balanced diet is balancing not-so-healthy foods that are really tasty with the healthier foods, which I don’t always crave so much.


    p.s. I am a vegetarian, but I eat eggs and fish.

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