Making up my mind is pretty much a guarantee that I will change it. This winter I cut off my long hair after growing tired of twirling it up into a bun daily. It wasn’t looking stylish or chic, it just looked silly on me. I wanted another cut that didn’t really suit me which of course I didn’t realize until after I had cut my hair. In a bid to look more grown up, a mother of five, I then let my hair go to seed, forgetting to cut my bangs, pushing it behind my ear. I felt more like the person people wanted to see shopping at the market, choosing library books. I even was complimented. Then suddenly I was disgusted by my hair. It was of indeterminate length, had no purpose in life. It went to the library and brought home stacks of readers and a months worth of canned salmon from the market. So I hounded out a photo of a 60’s ingenue and forced Husband to cut my hair. Sitting in the rocker opposite the mirror while I nurse my baby I wonder if I didn’t make a mistake.


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