It appears that we need to purchase a new electric toothbrush. Back in the days of plenty when we had two, bedtime was swift. Now it meanders along like a lazy stream, neverending. On a cold night this winter, the power snapped and we were sent in to pitch. After the initial shock was cuddled away, the stove stoked and beds found one electric brush began to buzz and would not quit for anything in the world. All around electricity had given us up and this brush was not having it. After an hour or so we wrapped it in a towel, hiding it in the closet. ‘Listen, it has gone to sleep’, I told them. The next morning, Husband found it still buzzing and wondered, ‘what goes on around here when I work late?’. It never worked again. Now the remaining one is starting the same business. I expect it to make a grandiose exit any day now.


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