mourning pages and lyric links.

deep in the night i am tossing and turning. worry, worrying, worried. wondering if we are making the best decision or working our way back in to the weeds. late night, sleeping folks breathing easy brings my anxiety to a boil. the scales are tip from one idea to the next with no context. it’s terrible to let your mind race at night.

it’s all the tiny things to grieve for sandwiched between evening and morning.

my take on the morning pages a really great practice that i can’t seem to do otherwise.

i have been reading lyrics lately (and reminding myself to not try and write james taylor songs, i don’t even like james taylor but he keeps popping in to my head.) the past 25 years i have been surrounded by musicians while not being one myself so i guess it is a natural thing.

this (because i have a little someone here on the adolescence upswing) and these (because they’re great), my girls and i are singing this song around the house.


2 thoughts on “mourning pages and lyric links.

  1. Music is such a big part of my life too, although like you I am no musician {husband and son both are}. Oh yes and the worries, why do they pop up just before sleep, why?? About the adolescence upswing, we have all but swung here there are chin hairs and the odd tantrum {I am entitled to my opinion mum!} but we are getting through it {even though it is exam season and stress is high}. Happy weekend to you x

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