navel gazing.

I have been thinking about last month’s postings ( What!? You didn’t read them all, ha!)  looking at what I want to write for this blog, other blogs and submitting for publications and the experience of posting daily helped me in an unexpected way.

I was considering not posting any more poetry. In the immortal words of Husband, ‘I don’t read the blog much now that it’s all poetry.’ I get it. It can be too much. A little too earnest or nice or vague. I am working on my lifelong vagueness problem. And pronouns. I’m a big fan of throwing pronouns around.

In the middle of the month, on Facebook Amanda shared this article which helped me solidify what I was thinking.

What I am writing in this space is blog poetry. It’s brief, primitive on the editing scale, as personal as I can stomach and I’m pretty happy with it. Blog writing for me has been ever changing. When I first started I was not sure what I wanted to do on this space and in the future it may change but  for now I’m settling in to this.

Last month I took the violicious Facebook page down and am fine tuning how I want to share on social media which I would like a whole of a hell lot more if it was community media but it ain’t changin’ for me. I’m a little iffy on the WordPress like star button.  But I am an indiscriminate liker so that will probably stay.
If anyone has any recommendations for blogs or magazines to submit to I would love to chat about it.

This month my friend Rozanne is posting a creative prompt a day, mayBE  and I’m in. I can’t promise it won’t all turn out to be sewing or cooking creativity but a stretching challenge is great for me. I will be posting daily with #mayBE2015 on Instagram.

The other project I work on, Sense of Story is drawing to a close on May 3. We will be posting a digest of all of our pieces on the theme, conclusion. I will have two poems based on my countless hours of reading Thornton Burgess books to my children. Just me day dreaming human attributes to a bunch of birdies. The two pieces are accompanied by two lovely watercolors by Debbie, editor of Tend magazine (my friend, Angela and I had a piece in the winter issue of 2014), blogger and purveyor of this Etsy shop.

In local news two buddies of mine are running a series of workshops as Black Bear Collaborative this summer that look mighty interesting. Trust me in this, I am someone who has not had many ‘beauty treatments’ in my life, in fact I usually run the in the opposite direction. I have had a rejuvenating footbath from one of these ladies and enjoyed it and there was not even an attempt to run away. The song workshop is most intriguing to me.

And finally! I am working on a free Mother’s Day gift, a broadside that is a collaboration. Stay tuned!

P.S. My mother is going to be mortified I used the word ain’t, sorry Mom.


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