diva cookies.

The two cookies you put on the high dusty shelf are still there,

You know because you’ve checked, more than once.

This is the kind of place where cookies can disappear down gullets when your back is turned and

It’s best to not be disappointed.

There have been songs, foot rubs and a fruitless search for the small pillow that is suddenly so popular.

All the while the cookies have been singing a diva’s song, right to your heart.

Bedtime rolls on and just when you think you’ve got it licked,

You don’t.

A quiet voice catches you tiptoeing down the hall.

Your head lolls back and you pray to sweet Jesus in heaven it’s not a question about human reproduction.

Not tonight.

The baby is teething and the myriad of usual had been crushing.

You stick your head in, ‘Yeah, bud?’

‘I just wanted to say goodnight.’

You retreat after a smile, reach up and

Shove two cookies in to your mouth at once.


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