he sees a turtle, i see a dead possum, she sees a mountain.

It started with the scat we found at the edge of the woods.

Chatter about the size, moving it around with a stick when he bent low to smell, something I could never do.

Looking around we found it was a stop in movement, we followed.

Deep claw marks, swishes of tail going around trees, clumps of rotting wood.

A stop at the deer carcass to take a pee, remind everyone it was his, whoever he was.

Was it fox, coyote, wolf or was it all stepping in the track, hunting for a feast?

Where the tracks crossed with a deer we decided to sit down in the snow.

There, out of the corner of my eye! A nest. Organized, low, abandoned.

We picked it apart pieces sticking to our mitts.

Look at that bump on the branch up high. No over there, it’s shaped like a turtle!

I couldn’t see because it looked like a dead possum, resting in the crook.

She couldn’t see because it was a mountain, growing.

*using the Write Alm prompt from a few days ago, keep a record


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