gosling and goose.

After an impetuous nap in the late afternoon I couldn’t sleep.
Pinned under a lightly sleeping crawler, I ticked away the minutes,
Dreaming of blueberries.
When I couldn’t stand it anymore, I hefted up the baby, hid him in the folds of my robe and scurried to the kitchen.
Thinking I was being sneaky, I grabbed a few berries.
As I was swallowing the evidence, a little came padding down the hall.
A glance at the clock showed it was exactly his birth moment.
‘Hey buddy, I guess it is just the right time for us to be together.’
‘Um, okay. Can I open my presents?’
The greedy gosling and greedy goose headed back to bed.
Five children under my feet, buckling my legs has taught me to savour the small moments.

Using the Write Alm prompt today,

If you follow me on Instagram you know it was in the moment and in the food!


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