december reading.

I haven’t done a post on the books I have been reading lately.
Just recently I finished It’s Only Slow Food Till You Try to Eat It by Bill Heavey. Picked up and started on a lull in books I wanted to read. The stories gathered steam as I reached the middle. I particularly liked the stories set in the Basin in Louisiana and up above the Arctic Circle.

For a Christmas treat the book I have been waiting months for, The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters was in at the library. Been propping my lids open with toothpicks to read after I put the show to bed. Hoping to snag more reading time over Christmas.

I have snuck a few chapters of More Home Cooking by Laurie Cowin in here and there because it is winter and fun to have a few books on the go. I have read neither Home Cooking nor any of her other books. Just grabbed off the library shelf. The low fat chat dates the book, but replace with gluten free and it could have been written yesterday.

In the next few weeks I hope to get to Maria Edgeworth’s Castle Rackrent and Ennui. Picked up solely on the titles and back cover. Because, you know, ennui.

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