tend magazine.

It’s all about the waiting, isn’t it? Writing, that is. Well, on the first day of Advent, the waiting season, the winter issue of Tend and my first not published by me piece with my conspirator, Angela Zappala, has been released!

I have only had a chance for a quick scan but have found at least three projects for myself. There are nearly 200 pages of goodness in the winter issue.

Personally this goes in my ‘big deal’ column. For 11 years I waited for the right time to begin writing again. There is no right time to do anything. So do that thing you want to do, Mama. Take your littles along for the ride. Writing poetry in the thick of my day to day life has been a challenge, even with my meagre output. But worth it. So worth it. Your children need to see you grow. Do as I do.

And a shout out to Amanda of Write ALM. Early fall, before the birth of her new small I trepidatiously sent her a gaggle of poems. I went through what I have been calling the 7 stages of editing ( poem forthcoming, ha ha) and came out on the other side with some garbage and pile of pieces with a thread running through them, the goal. She was honest, sensitive and constructive.


So! Check out the new issue of Tend while this House Tomte gets her act together and constructs this wreath hanging out on the table calling my name.



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