how i talk to my preteen son about guns.

The man that taught me Marine mantras


Gave me these gifts:

Under every circumstance

Taking a human life is a

Crime against humanity.

Don’t ever get fooled in to


It is not.


Hand guns

Are for killing.

Don’t ever get fooled in to


They are not.


When I was a few years older than my eldest

I was taken to a gun show.

Confederate flags


Nazi paraphernalia.

Another moment

I stood inside a small room


With automatic weapons

My skin and soul

Crawling from the room

I waited in the car.

Maybe these were gifts too.


So, my son, I say

Guns are for killing,

People are for loving,

Life is for living.



*using the Write Alm prompt today







5 thoughts on “how i talk to my preteen son about guns.

  1. Firearms not just for killing; they are for saving lives also.

    Intent is not transferable; it is up to the person holding it to decide. Crime or target shooting. Take a life or stop a rape/robbery/mugging.

    Kleck and Gertz conducted a survey and found up to 2,500,000 times a year that someone uses a firearm, the presence of one, or the threat of a firearm to stop a crime. The media rarely reports cases of this, most go unreported to the police.

    Yet they happen.
    I carry a firearm because I love my family. I want to protect them and I realize that it is up to me to come home safely to them each and every night. I’m not a cop, just an average person.

    Don’t we owe it to the ones we love to protect ourselves and them?

    Bob S.

  2. Really wonderful Brooke. Guns may be used as a threat to stop a crime but the threat is to kill. No gun belongs in the average person’s hand.

  3. Beautiful Brooke. I am so happy you shared your experience. My stepfather was a firearms instructor/competitor and is still an avid firearms enthusiast and has, in the last few years, hunted to feed our families. My teenage years were spent at gun clubs and shooting ranges. Recently, we just had a heated discussion about handguns. But as he spoke of his childhood, what it as like to be a minority in apartheid South Africa, I soon realized why he had a mistrust of humanity and the fear of not being able to protect himself should there be an Apocalypse. It’s a cultural difference. I don’t fear for my life or my loves ones so I can’t understand where he is coming from. But the one thing we agreed on is that guns are for killing and everyone who has a gun needs to ask themselves what it means to take a life.

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